10 Good Reasons to Start a Blog 2021


😆What exactly may be a blog and why should I start one? you'll wonder.

Good question.

The word blog is brief for a blog, a weblog/journal that an individual keeps for private, educational, or business use.

Most people start a blog to share information, educate their readers, attract a following and make an online income.

1. Be your own boss

If you begin a blog you become your own boss. #Booya! you'll be the creative force behind all that happens in your part of the blogosphere.

Not being hooked on somebody else for employment or an income is going to be truly liberating. I’m not saying to quit your job immediately. But it's completely achievable to start out a blog as a side hustle with the future goal of quitting your job and blogging full-time.

2. Work from home or anywhere

Working from the house is an excellent bonus when you’re a blogger. No more 9 to five, no more commuting to figure, imagine the time you’ll save! With flexible working hours, you’ll be ready to spend longer doing the items you're keen on.
Especially once you have kids or if you would like to travel, blogging gives you the liberty and convenience to figure when, and where you would like, creating a lifestyle that's more enjoyable.

3. Very low start-up cost

Compared to starting the other business, starting a blog is ridiculously cheap. Your main costs are your name and your web hosting.

You can buy a website name at Namecheap for around $15 (or you'll catch on for free of charge for the primary year when hosting your blog with Bluehost.)
You can host your blog with Bluehost for less than $3.95 USD per month.
(Bluehost is that the WordPress no. 1 recommended web host) I especially recommend Bluehost for beginners because they are doing all the technical stuff for you (like installing WordPress and an SSL certificate).

If you would like to seek out out the way to found out your blog with Bluehost, please read:

How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost

So let’s add up these staggering business start-up costs:

Web Hosting $3.95 x 12 months = $47.40

+ a whopping $0 for your free name = $47.40

To get the good price of $3.95 p/m you are doing got to check in for 3 years so:
$47.40 x 3 = $142.20

Do you know the other business you'll startup for fewer than $150?
I can’t consider any…

Click here to line up your blog with Bluehost.

4. Learn new skills

Starting a blog will certainly broaden your horizons on many topics. there'll be a technical learning curve once you learn to line up your blog in WordPress. When writing blog posts you’ll get to find out how to optimize your blog for search engines (SEO) with relevant keywords. And to form sure the planet sees your blog you’ll need to find out the way to sell on social media. Blogging will always push you to find out something new.

5. Build your confidence

Sharing your content and promoting your blog may be a good way to create your confidence. Because you’ll want your blog to succeed, you’ll push the boundaries of your temperature and put yourself out there. Not most are comfortable making youtube videos or hosting webinars but albeit you’re an introvert, you'll promote your blog in ways you're comfortable with.

6. Have an ingenious outlet

Blogging may be a fantastic creative outlet. First of all, you get to style your blog, your brand, and your logo (if you would like some help with this, here’s a fast DIY guide to designing a brand for your blog). Also, the writing process may be a creative outlet that allows you to share your knowledge and opinions together with your readers. And if you promote your blog on Pinterest you get to make these awesome-looking pins with Canva. Like this one:

7. Make money

Of course, it’s fine to start out a blog as a hobby. But blogging takes effort, so it’s always nice to urge a touching reward for your effort. most people start a blog to monetize it in how or another. you'll easily make some money together with your blog by displaying ads or adding relevant affiliate links to your blog posts. you'll also work with other brands or businesses and write sponsored posts to market their products. differently of monetizing your blog is to make your own product and sell it. And last but not least, you'll also start a blog to drive traffic to your online service-based business.

8. Help others

Whether your blog is about personal growth or the way to make money online, it always feels good to assist people. If you recognize tons a few certain topics, it is sensible to make your blog around this subject. To monetize your blog you'll share your knowledge in an ebook or online course.

9. Be a part of a community

A great thing about blogging is that you simply aren't alone. There are many like-minded blogger babes out there that you simply can connect with. Leave a friendly discussion a blog post that you simply found helpful to urge a conversation started and join a couple of Facebook groups and you’ll make certain to form some new friends.

10. The excitement!

Yes, blogging is exciting! it's something that's completely yours, something that you simply have created all by yourself, something to be pleased with.

The exhilaration when your readers discuss your new blog post, or once they like and share your content on social media, and in fact, the joys of creating your first sale all make blogging a reasonably fun job.

I hope these 10 reasons to start out a blog have spiked your interest in blogging.

Let me know in the comments below!

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