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Are you wondering how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost? ​ Starting a blog is a great side hustle idea and a fun way to make money online. But not all blogs are created equal. You could start a free blog on or Blogger, but these platforms are not suitable for professional blogging. ​ If you’re serious about your blog and would like your blog to have the full potential to turn into a money-making business, you need to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog with Bluehost. ​ In this tutorial, I’ll show you how easy it is to get started with Bluehost and how to set up your WordPress blog in a few easy steps. ​ No technical skills required! ​ To make it even easier, I’ll give you a special sign-up link through which Bluehost will install WordPress for you. This means you won’t have to waste time on technical hassles, and you’ll be able to start blogging quicker! ​ Excited yet? ​ Let’s get started! ​ Please share this post.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Bluehost, and will receive a commission if you sign up through my referral link. This is at no additional cost to you. I also may earn a small commission for other affiliate links in this post at no extra cost to you. Please read my disclaimer for more information.


Starting a blog is super exciting, you get to be creative, share your ideas, connect with like-minded people and earn an income! ​ What’s not to love? Well if you’re not very tech-savvy (ahem.. like me) setting up a WordPress blog may seem intimidating. ​ Technical tasks like installing WordPress or linking a domain name or setting up an SSL certificate may be enough for you to want to give up before you’ve even started. ​ But luckily it doesn’t have to be like that! Before you throw your laptop through the room and run for the hills, read this post so you’ll see there is an easier way. ​ This is where Bluehost comes in…Bluehost is the top-recommended web host for WordPress and they make setting up your blog super easy! ​ IS BLUEHOST GOOD FOR BLOGGING? Yes, definitely. ​ Bluehost is great for blogging, especially if you’re a beginner! ​ They’ve created an easy-to-navigate dashboard to guide beginners through the setup process and if you sign up with Bluehost with this special link, they do all the technical stuff for you! ​ When you start your blog on Bluehost they will:
  • install WordPress for you
  • update WordPress regularly
  • install a free SSL certificate
  • link up your domain name
All the technical tasks that most beginner bloggers don’t know how to do (tasks that most other web hosts leave to you to figure out for yourself…). ​ Save yourself the time and hassle and get Bluehost to do all the tech stuff for you! Other great features about Bluehost are:
  • you get a free domain name for the first year and they link it up for you
  • you get a free webmail email address
  • 24/7 dedicated support
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


If you’re on a budget and you want to start a blog for cheap, Bluehost’s affordable plans are perfect for you! ​ For only $3.95 per month, you can start your blog and create your own online business. ​ What other business can you start for $3.95 per month? ​ Exactly, I don’t know either. ​ Setting up your blog with Bluehost is super affordable and when you start monetizing your blog you’ll be able to earn your hosting fees back in no time. ​ Check out Bluehost WordPress Pricing here
#HOW TO #START A #WORDPRESS #BLOG ON #BLUEHOST The setup process is quick and easy, just follow along with the next few steps and you’ll have your blog set up in 10 minutes flat. ​ STEP 1. GO TO BLUEHOST WORDPRESS HOSTING Click here to go to the Bluehost WordPress Hosting page.
STEP 2. CHOOSE A PLAN Not sure which Bluehost plan is best for bloggers? ​ Well if you’re starting a blog and only need to host one website the Basic Plan will be enough for you. If you need more space or if you want to set up more than one website, you can upgrade to the Plus plan at any time. ​ STEP 3. CHOOSE YOUR DOMAIN NAME Here you can claim your free domain name, simply type your blog name in the box and see if it’s available.

STEP 4. ENTER YOUR DETAILS Now it’s time to enter some personal details to create your account.

STEP 5. CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGE Here you can choose how many years of hosting you’d like to buy. You get the best price per month if you pay for 3 years. So 36 months is $3.95 per month, 24 months is $4.95 per month and if you buy 12 months, it’s $5.95 per month.

STEP 6. CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGE EXTRA’S Here you can add some extra services. You can untick all these extras because you can add them with a plugin for free.

STEP 7. ADD YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION Select more payment options if you want to pay with PayPal.
Tick the box to agree to the Terms of Service and click submit. ​ STEP 8. CREATE A PASSWORD FOR YOUR ACCOUNT Make sure it’s long and impossible to guess, you don’t want to get hacked! Write it down somewhere safe.

Congratulations, you’ve set up your blog with Bluehost! HOW TO LOGIN TO BLUEHOST

Bluehost will send you an email confirmation with a link to your website.

Click on this link and you’ll see a login screen where you enter your domain name and the password you wrote down earlier. ​ Another way to log in to your WordPress website is to type in your domain name in the URL bar of a new browser window and add /wp-admin after your url. ​ So it will look like this: This will take you to a login screen where you can enter your username and password. ​ This will take you straight to your WordPress site however and not to your Bluehost portal. ​ CONFIGURING YOUR #WORDPRESS SITE When logging in to the Bluehost portal for the first time you’ll be asked to name your site and add a tagline. If you don’t have a tagline, just describe in a few words what your blog is about. Click Continue.

Now you will be asked to answer a few more questions about the goals of your site. This is so Bluehost can recommend certain plugins for your site. Tick the boxes that are relevant for your site and click continue. ​ Next, you can pick a WordPress theme. You can choose one of these free themes or you can scroll to the bottom and click ‘skip this step’ if you want to install a premium theme. (I recommend using a premium theme as this will make your web design process a lot easier. Easy to use themes for beginners are Divi, Elementor, Astra or Bluchic Themes.

After this, you’ll end up in the Bluehost Portal. To get to the backend of your website click on the blue WordPress button, this will take you to the WordPress Dashboard. ​ (Another way to login is to go to your browser and in the top URL bar type: Make sure to replace it with your domain name.)

How to Configure WordPress If this is your first time configuring a WordPress website and you don’t know what to do next, make sure to read: What to do after you install WordPress This is how to start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost I hope you’ve found this post helpful and you’ve set up your blog on Bluehost with ease. If you have any questions just let me know in the comments below or email me at ​ Did this tutorial help you set up your blog? Let me know in the comments below.

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