43 Years After Giving Up Her Daughter For Adoption, This Mother Decides To Relocate Her Long-Lost Ch

The bond between a mother and her daughter is a special one. Their relationship is too tough to be expressed in words and is something so pious that can only be felt by the heart. People often say that distance can never separate two souls who are connected by heart, but Becky Skousen and her birth mother Robin had to live apart for nearly 43 years. While they thought it will be a once in a lifetime thing that they will have to face, everything had simply changed and none was prepared for what was yet to come.

The Dilemma

As an adopted child, life is easy until one is a child, but the moment one grows into an adult, the real challenges begin. If one is not aware of the reality that he or she is an adopted child, things go smooth. But if one knows about their adoption, the very first instinct and call are to know and meet their birth parents. And Becky had this same dilemma.

Not Sure

Becky was not sure whether she really wished to meet her birth mother or not. She had her own set of questions and thoughts going on her mind. While a majority of the adopted children loved meeting their birth families, Becky felt that meeting them now would be an interference. Will it be?


Becky always thought that if she now enters her birth mother’s life, she might invite a lot of trouble for that woman. There must have been some reason that her biological mother gave her for adoption and if she chooses to go back to her old and original ties, a lot of lives might be impacted. Was she right?

 Holding Back

Though Becky was desperate to meet her birth family. Yet, her concern for them always held her back. She in any way never wished to be the cause of their disturbed lives. Becky even without meeting them was considerate to them. However, her birth mother had a different story on her side.

My Baby

Robin Adair Passey, who was Becky’s biological mother was a mother just like any other. In her past certain circumstances compelled her to take some tough decisions in her life, and giving her newborn baby for adoption was one of those. However, since then, she has always lived with the high hopes of reuniting with her daughter. But will she?

Will They?

With Becky’s firmness to not cross her biological mother’s paths and with Robin’s dedication and determination to meet her daughter, one wasn’t sure if they would ever come across each other or not. Will this mother and daughter get a second chance at life where they could for once embrace each other and carry that memory with them for a lifetime? Or has fate written something entirely different for them?

An Infant

Becky Skousen was only an infant when she was offered for adoption. Luckily, she was adopted by a loving mother Caralyn. Caralyn and her husband were a lovely couple who were eager to adopt a baby and Becky came as a blessing to them. For them, with Becky’s arrival, their family was complete. But for Becky was it really complete?

Happy Family

Becky lived the best of life that her foster parents gave her. She was a loved and pampered child whose every wish was fulfilled even without asking for it. She grew up like any other child. She soon reached the adulthood stage of life and it was the point when she was brought face to face with reality.

Her Right

When Becky was around 25 years in age, her foster parents thought that it was the right time to break the news of her being an adopted child to her. They thought it was her right to be aware of this fact. Surprisingly, even Becky handled the truth with a lot of maturities, yet her foster parents had more to say to her.

Positive Feelings

Becky did not lose her calm after brushing her teeth with the reality. However, her foster parents said really wise words to her. They asked her not to hold any grudges or harsh feelings for her birth mother. Rather she should have all positive feelings for her. However, Becky still had some questions.


Becky accepted the truth with open arms. But taking everything into consideration, she just had one question, “Why was she put up for adoption”? She wanted an answer to this question but never had the courage to ask anyone about it. Meanwhile, Robin always had this desire to be able to get in touch with her daughter. Surprisingly, destiny had some different plans for this mother and daughter.

No Options

Robin had a place in her heart for her daughter that had been unclaimed since years. Years back, Robin fell prey to circumstances she had no control over. She was barely 14 years when Becky was born and to give the newborn a better life she had to do so. Robin had to go through quite a lot by her own and Becky was totally clueless about it.

High School

Robin was dating a guy in her high school. She was madly in love with that boy. Their relationship was quite serious for Robin. While life was beautiful, the duo dated for nearly five years. They even had the plans of tying the knot, but one night things took a steep turn and everything came to a standstill.

Teenage Love

Their teenage love bloomed. Like the majority of the high schoolers, they would always be found walking around together hand-in-hand. However, Robin had never thought that one night of passion would change the entire dynamics of their relationship and would bring her to a point where life would be rough.

It’s A Wrap

Robin conceived a baby from her boyfriend at the age of just 14. Unfortunately, her beau decided to call it quits. He was not ready to take responsibility for his unborn child and nor was he ready to marry Robin after this incident. Robin was heart-broken. She had never hoped to witness a day like this in her life. What Next?


Robin told this news to her mother. She immediately took her to a gynecologist. While the very first option that came to them was to abort the child, but this did not seem to work. Abortion wasn’t possible at that stage. Robin had no other choice than giving birth to this baby. It was exactly the point where her motherly instincts took over.


One doesn’t expect a teen to act like a mature mother all of a sudden. But something like this happened with Robin. Her mother took her to Hawaii where she could deliver the baby. During her pregnancy phase, Robin-only a 14-year-old girl started to develop an unheard bond with her growing fetus. Her motherly instincts were ruling her and at the time of delivery, it wasn’t easy for her to give away her baby girl for adoption…

Emotional Discomfort

Robin just got to see her little one for a while. She was wrapped in a cloth and the young mother was just looking at her newborn’s small eyes and tiny fingers. It was the only memory she had that of her baby girl. But this rendezvous was something she could never get over. Little did she know that a small moment she shared then would bear fruit in years to come.

Somewhere Mine

Robin lived all her life thinking about that little one whom she had to give away immediately; right after the birth. Every time she thought of the baby she would weep in a corner and her heart would bleed. Though she now had her own family, she was always worried about her first child. And this was when she decided to find her long lost past. Would she be able to locate the one in this vast world?

The Website

Robin, even 43 years after that incident, decides to search for her very first child. It was the internet era and she somewhere had this hope that someday, maybe only for some time she will be able to meet her long-lost daughter. She signs up with a website that uses DNA information to locate for the kids that have been adopted. She kept her fingers crossed and just waited.

Giving Details

Robin furnished all the details related to her teenage pregnancy on the website. Though it was quite tough to match a DNA sample, but she was optimistic about giving it a try. Surprisingly, one fine morning she got a notification from the same website. What was it?

49.1% Match

One morning, Robin got an email notification. She did not pay much attention to it first, but the moment she realized that the email was from the DNA website, she immediately opened it and what it read shocked her to the core. Her DNA sample matched another person to about 49.1%. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

Please Please

All the while when she read the mail, Robin just prayed that this match was her daughter. But, Becky never wanted to meet her biological mother for her own reasons. Then how could this be DNA match hers? Whose DNA matched almost a half to Robin’s?

Her Curiosity

Becky was a resident of Utah where she was living with her foster parents. Robin was currently living in Arizona. Though Becky was always firm about not meeting her birth mother, as she was growing old she too wanted to at least see the woman who nurtured her in the womb for 9 months. She too signed up with the same website.

A Condition

However, Becky had one condition that she bound herself by. She would only meet her birth mother if her biological mother felt like meeting her. She still stuck to the notion that she did not want to interfere with her birth mom’s life. Little did both women know that they both were eager to reunite and it wasn’t something too far.

Same Notification

That morning even Becky received the same notification about the email from the DNA website. Becky too was taken aback to realize that someone matched her DNA to approximately 50%. This was something she never hoped to find. However, even she thought that maybe the match is her biological mother. Will the pair ever meet?

Let’s Meet

When the woman realized that their matching DNA is from another female itself, their thin hopes suddenly grew strong. And luckily, Robin asked Becky to meet in person. The duo agreed to meet up and they both had weird emotions going through their minds. They were excited, anxious, nervous and what not. But their meeting calmed them both.


Becky and Robin decided to meet up in Phoenix. Becky though was happy that her birth mother wished to meet her, was tensed too. Becky had always told her foster parents that she would not want to meet her birth family and now that she suddenly was planning on meeting the woman, she didn’t know how would they react to this.

Go Along

When Becky told Caral about the meeting, she was overwhelmed. She always wanted Becky to meet her birth mother as she anyhow had chosen a better life for Becky. And to make her daughter feel comfortable and in peace with the truth, she decided to meet Robin along with Becky. The case was the same on Robin’s side as well.

You Too

Robin too had her own family and her children. Robin told her youngest daughter about this meeting and asked her to come along. She wanted her youngest child to meet her eldest child. Everyone was prepared and excited for this reunion happening almost after 43 years.

Tears Of Joy

The day was finally there when two long lost individuals would reunite. As they saw each other, Robin couldn’t hold back her emotions. The little daughter that she left has turned into an adorable and independent adult. They shared a hug and even Becky could feel the warmth of her mother’s hug in her heart. There was something more.

Kind Act

Caralyn, Becky’s foster mother showed a kind gesture towards Robin. She was glad to meet the woman who gave birth to her daughter. Caralyn even said, “I knew while I was shedding tears of joy on finding Becky, she was shedding tears of sorrow upon losing her.” What a pure soul Caralyn was…

Good Friends

Since then Caralyn and Robin have become good friends. Robin was happy that her baby was brought up by such a loving and understanding woman. Robin couldn’t thank her enough for raising Becky the way she did. Moreover, when their families came to know about this, they were glad about the same.

A Big Family

Both the families are happy to find the missing pieces of the puzzle in their life. While Robin’s children wholeheartedly accepted Becky, similarly Becky’s foster parents welcomed Robin. They both would now go on vacations together and even meet for parties. Other than this, Becky had some big news for Robin.

Walk The Aisle

Becky had never imagined that on her the day she would have her biological mother by her side. When she told  Robin the news about her getting married, the mother was over the moon. Even Robin hadn’t dreamt of attending her eldest child’s wedding. However, Becky had more surprises for Robin.

Shift To Arizona

For some unknown and strange reason, Becky since her teenage years wanted to live in Arizona. Back than she even didn’t know that her birth mother resided there. But now after getting married, Becky asked her husband to shift to that place. This mother and daughter could now live in close proximity to each other.

She Is There

Caralyn was the happiest woman when she came to know that Becky was planning to settle in Arizona. She was however unsure how Becky would manage in a new environment and adapt to the new phase of life. But with Robin around, Caralyn was carefree. Becky undoubtedly got two mothers for herself.

Really Proud

Becky’s foster parents were really proud of their daughter. She grew into a beautiful woman with a kind heart. She respected everyone around her and had a caring nature for her extended family. She was a woman of substance. On the other side, Robin had a regret but soon only even she overcame that.

Completing The Tale

Robin always regretted that she could not be a part of Becky’s formation years. Her childhood, her teenage phase. But as Becky shifted to Arizona, Robin became a part of her new life. Moreover, she now even knows every bit of her past life. They completed each other’s life.

An Inspiration

Their story of reunion after some 43 long years is an inspiration to many families. When Becky could reunite with Robin, probably you or someone looking for their deep lost roots too can.  Always hope to reunite with them with some little effort and love.