After serving An old grumpy veteran for years, Luby’s waitress receives a $50,000 worth phone

Don’t we all enjoy munching at the restaurants, having a candlelight dinner and tasting the exotic delicacies? Of course, all of us enjoy that. It gets better when at a restaurant we are served with amazing hospitality and warmth.

But when we are asked to wait at a table, we get cranky and often misbehave with the staff there. The job of a waiter or a waitress requires immense patience in order to deal with customers who often complain or get annoyed while waiting for a meal at the restaurant. But when a customer keeps on bickering even the waiters are bound to lose their cool. This incident happened at a restaurant named Luby’s in Texas with a veteran and a waitress which garnered quite a lot of attention for a reason too difficult to digest.


Luby’s the world famous food chain started back in 1947 when its founder Bob Luby laid its stone. He had one dream and it was to develop a chain of food networks which serves its customers the best of quality food at an affordable price. For more than 70 years, this food joint had put their best foot forward and one particular staff member caught everyone’s eye.

Quality Work

Meet Her

Melina Salazar was one of the waitresses working at Luby’s. She has been a dedicated employee who was always appreciated for her work. She was of a welcoming nature and often had sweet interactions with the customers. This made her a popular face at the eatery. One quality of her which was strikingly praised was her sweet nature.

Good At It

Though each and every person working at the restaurant is humble and helping, Melina was comparatively even good at handling the pickiest regulars at the eatery and all other bad-tempered customers. And one customer, a war veteran was one of those regular customers she would be attending.

War Veteran

His Behavior

Walter was a grumpy human by nature. Every time he would visit Luby’s, his voice could easily be heard from all the corners as he would either be shouting, impatient and cranky at the staff. This was what all the staff often complained about. But…

Yes, Sir

However, Melina never paid much attention to Walter’s annoying behavior. She always felt that he was an old man, a regular customer and it was her duty to serve him and attend him well. One fine day…

As Always

Like any other day, Walter visited the restaurant. He sat on a corner table and waited for a staff member to attend him. As it was a busy hour, the attendant took a few minutes longer than usual and Walter started to complain. And his complaints did not end here.

Melina At Work

Piping Hot

Melina made sure that Walter’s order is prepared exactly the way he wants it to be. His meat is cooked properly and is served to him piping hot. Not only this, she served the meal to him by herself and that too with a big smile on her face. And this wasn’t all.


Melina would ask Walter later about his experience dining there and the food he is served. Moreover, she would even greet him by asking, “how are you, sir?” Everyone wondered how did she manage to deal with a grumpy customer with such positivity and politeness. However, when Walter’s attitude did not change for days, everyone was suspicious of how Melina would react to it.

Daily Routine

Walter will daily come to Luby’s and would end up arguing and complaining to the staff. It became a ritual that he would have issues with that his food is not hot and would often be irritable. But Melina always attended this grumpy old man with all her heart and ensured to provide him with the best of the service. However, none knew what was about to come.

The Unexpected

Next morning, Melina was back at work and was serving the customers. An entire day passed but Walter did not turn up at the restaurant. This was quite surprising and unexpected as well. As for almost 7 years, he has been a regular one here. That evening she was uneasy but did not pay much attention there.

Another Day


   The Newspaper

Melina was going through the newspaper the next morning. She was an avid newspaper reader and would always keep herself updated. And finally, she came across a piece of information she wished she had not read.


Melina could not believe her eyes. In the newspaper was printed the obituary of Walter, in clear words. The veteran had passed away. Melina had tears in her eyes when she read this.No matter grumpy or complaining he might have been Melina loved serving the veteran. Little did Melina know what was in store for her.

Something Happened

After a few days, life got back to normal. Melina was at Luby’s serving people. She informed the other staff members about the sudden demise of the veteran. They all were shocked and hoped that the always shouting, bad-tempered and complaining customer rests in peace. A few days later to this Melina receives a call from a lawyer and…


Melina received a call from a lawyer. Initially, she was confused as to why someone dealing with legal matters would call her up. But when the lawyer told her that he was the one Walter hired for the legal matters she was confused. What the lawyer further said simply amazed her.


The lawyer told her that Walter was really happy with her service and the politeness with which she would serve him and as a kind gesture, Walter had made a special mention about her in his last and final will. This was too much for her to take in and was totally unbelievable. And what she was getting was…


The old man as a sign of generosity was paying Melina $50,000 and even his car. He had appreciated every action of hers and her patience to deal with him. Melina never saw this coming. Neither could have she ever dreamt of anything like this.

My Duty

Melina was overwhelmed with Walter’s gesture but she had a different say on this. She always looked at it as her duty. It was a part of her job to attend any customer with a smile and patience whosoever visited Luby’s. She did not do anything different for him either.


Melina further said that as Walter was a veteran, he had already witnessed a lot of struggles, hardships, and challenges in life. And against that, the least one can do for him is to treat him with kindness and happiness. This world needs more peace.

The Least

As a civilian, it is our duty and responsibility to do whatever we can for the veterans. The life of a veteran is never easy and at stake are a lot of things. The least one can do is appreciate their work for the country. And the restaurants even offer special discounted prices for them.


When the staff at the Luby’s came to know about Walter’s will, they were all surprised. Her team and colleagues also appreciated her for her hard work and behavior towards the customers. When a majority of the people decided not to attend Walter, she always took his harsh words with encouragement and did her work.

Bore Fruit

It was quite evident that Melina’s determination and perseverance bore fruit. Her kindness did not go unnoticed in anyone’s eyes. While Walter appreciated it by giving her a share in his will, at her workplace too she was valued.

Visit Him

Melina later pays a visit to Walter Buck Swords grave. She sat there in silence reminiscing all that had happened at Luby’s. She was happy to have got the opportunity of serving a man like him who the nation respects.

Another One

Melina wasn’t the only waitress to have ever been treated like this, but there are more. Donohue’s co-owner and head-waitress Maureen Donohue-Peters was rewarded by a customer who would visit the place with his golden retriever. And when the head waitress would serve him the food with all her heart, even he left her and her niece $50,000 in his will.

Being Kind

Such stories restore our faith in humanity and kindness. It definitely shows that a warm and welcoming heart or gesture towards any person leaves a lasting impact on them and there comes a day that this behavior of yours is appreciated.

Good Luck

In the end, all we hope is that all of us who dine at a restaurant appreciate the services we get. Moreover, encouraging and respecting anyone who serves us is our humble duty. We wish there are more people like Melina and Walter in this world.