Bride Decides To Invite The Groom’s Ex To Their Wedding And What Took Place Left Everyone Perp

A Strange Beginning

It is common for couples to meet at the place of education. We often meet our partners in school or maybe in college. And this was the same case for Katie Hild and Jeremy Musser. These two met around four years ago while they were both studying in college. From the beginning, Katie felt like there could be something special between the two, so she wanted to see how things went with this guy she was falling for. Even for Jeremy, the connection and spark that he had with Katie was not something he could ignore. He appeared to share those feelings too and the two quickly started their courtship.  It became more serious in a matter of a few months too. However, there was something that was a little nontraditional about the relationship that the two lovebirds shared.

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Too Many Complications

Well, this couple was a little different than the typical couple because of the fact that Jeremy had recently become a dad. He had a son with the woman he was previously involved with. Even though he was not romantically linked with Casey, who is the mother of his son, he had no choice but to still keep her in his life, This was something that truly complicated the relationship with Katie.

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Becoming A Family

The two women started spending a little time together, with the intention of burying the hatchet. In the beginning, they were bonding solely for the purpose of Landon. But things slowly started changing as the pair soon found out that they had a lot more in common than they both realized. “We bonded on so many more levels than just Landon,” said Casey later in an interview when asked about their bond.

Unorthodox Vows

While everyone thought that Katie would just start saying her vows, something very strange happened. The minister for the wedding ceremony handed Katie a piece of paper and announced via the microphone, “To start their vows, I’d like to invite Tyler and Casey Bender to stand.” What were they trying to do and why would Casey and her husband be invited to join them there?  Something was off…

Respecting And Listening

Katie continued with her speech and she let out the things that she wished to share with Jeremy and Casey and her husband. “And I promise to respect, work, listen, and communicate together as co-parents. I will love you guys no matter what comes our way. We are one family, always,” she concluded. She wanted to let them know that she was willing to give her all so that they all enjoy bringing up their wonderful son together.