comedian live tweets a couple’s break-up fight on a Brooklyn roof that goes on to break the in

It all happened on a roof of Brooklyn. Kyle, a comedian was enjoying some “me time” on his apartment’s roof. Even though it was teeth-clattering cold, he enjoyed the wind. The man was all lost in his thoughts when he heard a noise. He was not alone on the roof, there was a couple too. The couple was fighting. Kyle overheard their fight and got an idea. He had no intention of making fun of the feelings of the couple fighting on the roof. But at the same time, he could not resist his urge to sharing their conversation with the world. Almost all breakups are painful and difficult to handle. Even though eavesdropping is a bad manner, he could not help but listen to this typical yet funny break-up argument.

It Begins

Girl Vs Boy

“I’m not looking for marriage, just what is right below marriage.” said the girl. The couple was on the far opposite corner of Kyle. He pretended as if he was not listening to their argument. The man tried to blend in with the wall as well. her request did not make any sense to Kyle as long as she was not willing to pick a fight with him. But it seemed that is exactly what she intended. 

Not Alone

All this while, the girlfriend and the boyfriend remained unaware that there was someone overhearing their conversation. Little did they know their rooftop breakup argument was going to hit headlines. It all seemed a part of a movie. 

Living With Roommates

“Your roommates are assholes,” guy retorted. “So don’t let me live with them then,” the girl replied. The story was revealing piece by piece. The girl wanted to move in with the guy. But the guy kept on ignoring the issue.  

Not On The Roof

No Talk

“You never let me talk!” Both of them yelled at the same time. It was getting funnier with every passing minute. Kyle did not miss any part of their conversation and whatever he heard, he live-tweeted that. Something was very wrong out there. 

Don’t Want To Be

“I can’t be with someone who is so UGH what ugh stop” shouted Girl. His tweets were going viral. There were hundreds of likes, retweets, and comments. One of the Twitterati wrote, “Girl is actually all of us when we are angry. Sometimes no words and just angry noises can expresuls us lol.”

New York Distraction

There was someone who tweeted a reply to what did he say, “#Rooftopbreakup there you go again, Guy, making everything about you! I hope she doesn’t let him get away with that sort of behavior! Get him, Girl!” Guy’s reply “Everyone told me New York wasn’t for me,” was clearly made to steer away from the topic.


Didn’t you find the comment funny? Well, he must have left mortified after learning that their conversation was live-tweeted by someone who is a New Yorker. He might start hating New York even more. There was a lot to come into this conversation.    

Swinging Back

However, the girl was too focussed to be distracted. She did not let the guy change the topic. The guy had to make it clear. Despite guy’s several efforts, she finally asked him the question, “Do you see your self living with me within a year?” 


A “Work Text”

The guy was not going to be bested by her. “ITS A WORK TEXT FROM MY COWORKER. A WORK TEXT.” Both of them were getting back at each other furiously. There is no denying that guy’s action of looking down at the phone during the conversation was wrong but we all have experienced bad-timed texts. 

Read It

The girl shouted in a fit of temper, “Let me read it then, give me ur phone.” They had forgotten that there was a stranger on the same roof they were fighting on who was leaking all their conversation to the world. 

I Shouldn’t Trust You

Guy answered, “You don’t need to see my phone to trust me UGH.” Whereas what the guy said was correct, his statement took the fight to another level. The girl was not calming down, in fact, she continued to yell at the guy. 

His Reaction

Kyle while tweeting their break up arguement was also sharing his reaction to their fight. “Sounds like the oldest excuse in the book, Guy.” That could be true. Maybe the guy was trying to make the girl feel guilty about initiating the conversation. 


No Words

The girl said, “can not understand.” However, she wasn’t going to let him go unless he answers her question. If you had any, you may agree that break up fights are never based on logic. Here too, what they were saying to each other appeared funny than serious. 

No Baby

That Sounds Like A Lie

However, the guy does not take note of her last comment. He, lost in his own thought reverts, “Ok, so those were the only times I lied to you. Right? We can agree on that?” Clearly, the girl did not agree with him and tells him something that made him hit over the roof. The girl whispered the line to the guy and so Kyle could not catch it. The guy had visibly gone red with anger. Thereafter, he began to sputter.

Not Acceptable

Can’t Think


“You think I’m IMMATURE? Calling people immature is immature!” said guy. No doubt, the guy had made a good reply but the girl was not going to give up so easily. She made a sarcastic comment on him. She said, “I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t realize how awesome you are,” said Girl. 

Girl Rocked

Where’s Your Boyfriend

Kyle did not miss any detail while live-tweeting the fight. It seemed to many users if everything was happening right before their eyes. Kyle even tweeted the guy saying “Stop Shivering” and after that, “My roommate’s area always like ‘wheres your boyfriend?’ and I’m like ‘hmm’ and stuff,” girl complained. These small details brought life to his tweets. 

Judgemental Roommates

What Do You Want

“Just tell me what you want but don’t make it something stupid and girly,” said guy. Even after so much fight, the guy had still not understood what she actually wanted and what not. The girl had made everything clear at the outset only. Clearly, he wasn’t smart enough. The girl backs up a bit and tells him what she actually wants in unequivocal terms. 

The Burning Question


“Seriously??” both exclaimed. Little did the couple know that their break up fight was going crazy on the internet. Kyle started getting retweets and mentions along with direct messages from all corners of the world. All of them shard their delight over reading his tweets about the break-up fight.

Better Than First

Label Maker

“Look I’m not a guy who’s into labels, Rach. You knew that getting into this,” the guy explained. Rachel refused to buy any of his excuses. One of the comments said, “Sorry to break it to you, Rachel…but, He’s Just Not That Into You.” But then there were some who believed that the couple was going to reunite after this fight.  


Saved By Rachel

The guy had finally raised his objection over discussing their personal matter in the presence of a random guy and Kyle thought maybe they would get inside now.  But then the girl made another unexpected point, “He’s just sitting on his phone anyway he doesn’t care (talking about Kyle). Answer my question.”

Comments Pouring In

Doesn’t Care

The Crowd’s Reaction

Not everyone appreciated Kyle’s idea of broadcasting the break up online. Someone wrote, “it was sort of insensitive to live tweet something like this. i know they did it knowing he was there but sometimes you can’t control when and where a conversation goes that way. they knew they needed to have the conversation right then and there.”

Answer About Love

Back to the couple. The girl waits for his reply while resting her head in her hand. And it is then his phone buzzed once again. “Guy’s phone just blew up with texts. He immediately silenced it. Glares were exchanged.” #rooftopbreakup

Can’t Do This

The girl finally said, “I can’t do this. you’re nothing but a big waste of my time.” Unfortunately, the girl was not aware of the support she was getting from the public for her decision. One person wrote, “Rachel, you can do better.” 

The Real Heart Of The Issue


The guy screamed, “Stop.” Rachel was not going to listen to him. She said, “Seriously this is just embarrassing, I’m done.” Kyle tweeted the scenerio. He wrote, “RACHEL IS WALKING AWAY #rooftopbreakup.” The guy wasn’t finished yet. 

I’m Tired

Guy asked, “So what does this mean?” The girl answered, “It means freaking, whatever ugh I’m tired.” Eventually, the girl gets out of the scene and the guy lights another cigarette.