She Agrees To Be A For Her Sister But Was left Puzzled By The Doctor’s Revelation

Childhood Friends

As a couple, the very first dream one sees is to bring a life to their own family. It is often said that there is no better feeling in the world than the feeling of being parents. Our parents often say that we won’t be able to understand this joy of parenthood until the day we ourselves turn into one. This is a tale of a couple from Ohio, whose dream of becoming proud parents seemed to shatter and then a news from their doctor changed their life unexpectedly forever. Annie and Joby Johnston were childhood friends. Since then they have spent the majority of their time together. They shared the same school, tuition classes, and even a common neighborhood. Thus, they knew each other really well. They knew about their individual preferences and about their future aspirations as well. It won’t be wrong to say that they understood each other really well.

A Couple

Soon only these childhood friends realized that they wanted something different from life. They tied the knot in the year 2005 in their hometown Ohio. They were enjoying their newlywed phase, while their senior family members wanted them to think about planning their own family. Often, the couple ignored these proposals, not knowing that in the future they would crave for it to come true.

Career Oriented

Annie and Joby were career-oriented individuals. They wanted to have a family but not any time soon. Before welcoming their baby into the world, they wanted to be well-settled to make for a happy and financially stable environment for the newborn. They were sure that their careers would come before their family. Unfortunately, they did not know that this would cost them the peace.

Four Years Of Disappointment

Annie and Joby tried continuously for four years but nothing worked in their favor. Now even their doctor was worried as in order to become parents they had already done a lot of treatments which were eventually making them low. Yet, they found a ray of hope…


Just when Annie and Joby went sure that as the things are not working right for them and they won’t ever happen, a lady stepped into their life who changed it forever. She made them believe that things could still work out and all they need to do is not to lose hope. Great things take time. Who was this lady? Did the Johnstons dream of tasting parenthood about to come true?