As taxing as cleaning one’s car is, it is inevitable. No one likes driving around in a garbage can on wheels for sure! It doesn’t make a good image either on your fellow passengers. But getting your car professionally cleaned can cost you a pretty penny. So we’ve compiled a nifty list of cleaning hacks that will leave every inch of your car sparkling!

Bleach your wheels

It’s always better when a car’s hubcaps are sparkling. But getting those rims clean is no easy feat, and maintaining them more so. But there’s an easy way to restore them to their former glory. Just by mixing together some bleach powder and Lysol, and rubbing the concoction onto the rims with a rag, will give them their original sparkle back.

Foam brushes for your vents, Toothbrush detail

Cleaning the air vents is a necessity for both hygiene purposes and preventing potential dust allergy attack. The slim and narrow vents can be tough to clean with just a rag. But an easier, and more efficient way to do so is by cleaning it with a sponge brush! The conveniently shaped flat brush can be slid in between the slats and get to those pesky corners. For the neat freaks who need a detailed cleaning of every inch of their car, a toothbrush is their best friend. One doesn’t necessarily need a kit of fancy tools to combat the dusty nooks and crannies, the humble toothbrush will suffice. In the same way, the bristles clean out our teeth, it will also dislodge the dust from the hard-to-get- corners, which can then be wiped away with a rag.


Toothpaste for your headlights, Take off bumper stickers with WD-40

Headlights have a tendency to get fogged up over an extended period of time, which can only be fixed by taking it to the repair shop, easily costing us almost $1,000. But not if you know this nifty hack! Just by rubbing some toothpaste ( especially a whitening one) on the lens. A simple scrub, rinse, and dry can do wonders for your distressed headlights! The once hip and cool bumper stickers are now cheesy at best. Everyone must’ve gotten at least one at the height of their popularity, which is now cringe-worthy to look at. But getting rid of them isn’t as easy as just peeling them off. Their special adhesive makes it probable to pull off the paint along with the sticker. A simple solution is to spray some WD-40 on the sticker till it’s soaking and then peeling it off.


Shine your body with clay, Remember to clean vents

Quite often we find ourselves envying the cars coming out of a showroom since we realize that our now used cars will never have that finish and shine it once had when it freshly came out of a showroom, or will it? Well, you can have that same feeling back without having to spend a fortune. Just use a clay bar on your car’s body and before you know it, it will be good as new with all it’s shine restored! Now you have a completely new looking car, but what the smell, there is nothing quite like the smell of new car is there? But after years of use, all you are left with is a horrible smell, but what is the reason for this smell? Is it your car’s filters? Unless you clean them regularly they very well might be, as you drive around the city they collect dirt from everywhere, and if they go uncleaned for very long, there is a very good chance that they might develop mold! So it’s wise to clean those filters right this instant. 

DIY washer fluid, Q-tip detailing

You don’t really have to spend your hard earned cash on washer fluid when you know how easy they are to make at home. All you need is 3 cup grain alcohol mixed with about 4 cups of water and add about 2 teaspoons of dishwashing detergent and Voila! You have got yourself washer fluid right at your home with even having to spend a stupid amount of money. If you are anal about getting into every crevice and crack of your car while cleaning it, might we advise you use a Q-tip. These inexpensive little things can help you give your car a thorough cleaning. Because they are made of cotton they are perfect for cleaning dust or any spilled liquid that you might have in your cup holder or AC vents.