Animals are a beautiful creation of The Almighty. They innocently love and trust any human on receiving even the slightest of care. Yet, unfortunately some of us are still not able to comprehend this simple fact. This story reflects the pathetic condition in which animals are treated in an inhumane way by their owners, and eventually, left to be stray one’s. Fortunately, for this dog, he landed up in the hands of some caring and kind people. Being abandoned has left several dogs with severe trust issues, and this poor pup was one of those unfortunate dogs. In fact, when the rescuers spotted him on the streets of Los Angeles, they were surprised by just how wild he looked. However, thanks to an even wilder friend this pooch would get a new outlook on life.

He Had A Weird Nature Nobody Understood

At the advent of July in 2016, animal control answered to sightings of a stray dog in a South Central L.A. suburb. The team managed to trace the animal down in a park. Upon approaching him at the park, it was determined that this pooch was clearly ill. In fact, he couldn’t even run because his paws were so swollen.

While everyone was mystified by the origins of this dog, his nervousness around humans hinted that he had a difficult time around humans. From what the rescuers could gather, this animal was wearing a crude collar around his neck. Which indicated that he could have been someone’s pet previously. While no one could tell with certainty what his life must have been like before he was abandoned on the street. But looking at the condition he was found in, one thing was sure that he needed to get some medical experts looks at him ASAP.  So they proceeded to bring him over to the shelter to have the staff have a look at him.

Image: via via The Dodo

A Year Old And In Terrible Condition

Unfortunately, several saddening details emerge once the staff at the shelter got an opportunity to have a look at him. This pooch wasn’t even a year old and yet he was drastically underweight and malnourished. His coat was riddled with parasites, mange had caused a drastic fur loss. But this was no ordinary dog. In fact, this new stray was dubbed as “New Boy”  and he was a Wolf-dog hybrid. Keeping that in mind the shelter decided to call W.O.L.F. sanctuary. This organization has been working towards the conservation and protection of captive-born wolf and hybrid.

Image: Facebook/WOLF Sanctuary

He Was Nicknamed ‘New Boy’

“W.O.L.F. received an urgent request for help [from] Apex Protection Project, one of our wolf rescue partners in California,” the group mentioned on its website. “There was a young wolf dog in a shelter in Los Angeles County, Calif, who needed immediate rescue.”  After all, wolf-dogs hybrids are less likely to be domesticated than their dog cousins and have required special training and living condition that most people can’t fulfill.

Image: Facebook/WOLF Sanctuary

After A Long Enough Struggle He Could Co-operate

In the beginning, New Boy looked like he was absolutely petrified of humans and usually, he would stick to corners and stay away from his rescuers. Thankfully all it took were a few days of kindness and patience to get him out of his shell. He dropped his defenses enough so that the vet and the team could begin his treatment. Dr. Stone used a cocktail of antibiotics, painkillers, and medicinal baths to treat this poor creature. Much to everyone’s surprise, New Boy recovered quickly, and to celebrate this recovery W.O.L.F. decided to hold a contest to give this dog a new moniker. He would now be known as Castiel, after the angel of rebirth from the hit tv show supernatural.

Image: via Facebook/WOLF Sanctuary

He Is Named After A ‘Supernatural’ Character

“For those of you who watch the show Supernatural you’ll recognize the angel Castiel who is resurrected over and over again,” W.O.L.F published on it’s Facebook page. This dog was proving to true to his name. With the pace he was recovering, it was impressive to everyone at the sanctuary.

“Our Castiel is eating like crazy, showing some spark now that he has energy, and taking naps when necessary,” W.O.L.F. added. “His paws are healing well and he’s starting to gain weight. And… he’s always ready for more food, despite the numerous feedings throughout the day.”

Image: via Facebook/WOLF Sanctuary