William Shakespeare once wrote, ” Whoever Loves, Loves At First Sight.”

Many times you must have heard people saying  ” I fell in love the moment I saw him or her”. But have you ever thought about this closely? Well, if not then its time to just scratch your head and give it a thought.

Falling in love must be a beautiful feeling. But, ever heard that someone fell in love with a dog at first sight? Was the dog as charming as the prince on a white horse? Did the dog just make your heart skip a beat?

Read in here to find out what makes for this beautiful love story of a girl who falls in love with a dog. Is that dog a lucky one? Do their paths also drift away? Or the destiny has something else in store for them?

Ginger – The Beagle

Ginger was born in Zambia to a family of beagles. Since then, she has been living there with her family and a sibling sister. Just like a typical breed of beagles, she had an appearance similar to that of a small hound and is 13-14 inches high and weighs nearly 20-30 lb. She exhibits the traits of a two-color variety beagle and is tan and white colored. She has beautiful large hazel brown eyes.

The Woman

Sara Ortin Leon is a young, attractive and smart woman who pursued her graduation in Biology and post-graduation in Primatology from Universitat de Girona, Spain. She has a keen interest in science and development. Topics related to biology, ecology, evolution, and zoology attracts her. She puts up in Barcelona and is enjoying her life. Currently, she is busy working on her thesis.

Security Dog

Ginger was used as a security dog back in a sanctuary of Zambia. This was a particular profession which was predominated by the beagle breed. He is a scent-hound breed with a great sense of smell and superior tracking instinct. This ability makes this breed most suitable for the purpose of guard dogs and is thus, hired as detection dogs. But Ginger did not enjoy the privileges of being the guard dog. Why?

The Dislike

Ginger often hid under the cars and other property on the location. Detection Officers were often suspicious of her this strange behavior. Every time this security dog, herself has to be found on the site. Lately, it was discovered that Ginger was always frightened at this place because it was the same site where a car crushed her sister pup. Since then she has been so scared that she would search for places to escape the scene.

Love At First Sight

The moment Sara saw Ginger, she knew she fell in love with that dog. Her hazel brown sparkling eyes and the unusual innocence attracted Leon. She could instantly connect with her. Leone says, “She reminded me of one of our family dogs in Barcelona. From the very beginning, I loved her.” For Sara, Ginger’s presence was like having her family dog near her without actually having one.