Two Kindergarten Friends Reunited After 30 Long Years Only For An Unbelievable Reason

Everything happens for a reason. People often say this, but not many of us believe this. The most beautiful things in life can not be seen or touched but they are the ones which can only be felt from our heart. We as humans can only hope for the best to come. A hope that someone will someday shine our life in a way none else could.

School life is the most memorable phase of anyone’s life. When we were kids and nothing in this world bothered us. Though carefree, jolly and happy childhood days are gone, their memories still reside with us. Justin and Amy two school friends at pre-school never knew that the time they spent together back then would affect their future in ways unimaginable. Honestly, they were so young to even think of the consequences later. When their paths crossed years later, everything changed, changed for good or bad, none knows but changed forever.

Blooming Flowers

This story dates back to the days when the boy and girl were in their pre-school. Yes, you read that right. It all starts from the time when they just began to tap upon the craziest stage in life-childhood. Those real smiles, muddy hands and carefree laughter. Little did they know how fate will meddle up with their lives and everything will come to a still.

Sunshine Preschool

Justin Pounders and Amy Nee Giberson were classmates in the pre-school St Petersburg’s Good Ol’ Sunshine, Florida. In school, kids at that age just learn to develop and form friendships and relationships. They don’t even know the meaning of such relation formations, kids then just enjoy the companionship.

 Oblivious To Fate

While everyone was busy learning the basic education in life, Justin never realized while playing at the swings, that he had developed a liking, a childhood crush for his classmate Amy. They both were kids who didn’t care about the happenings, but soon only time will show that things happened for a reason.

Puppy Love

Amy and Justin were only 3 years old back then. Neither of them realized that when sitting together bloomed into a precious friendship. They had their own set of happiness attached in sitting over the same table and eating their meals together. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that, they were sharing a “puppy-love”.


Even their class teacher, Diane Twar said, “they had a blast together while playing and loved sitting next to each other”. However, she also says that as they are the formation years for the children none takes it into anything else other than cuteness. However, things soon took a U-turn.


Back then what everyone named as “Cuteness, childishness” soon only lost the charm. Kindergarten came to an end and life happened. But as they say, one never knows what the next morning’s sun holds for us, something like that yet totally unanticipated happened.

 Separate Ways

Justin and Amy grew into ambitious teens and soon into responsible adults. They left the kindergarten behind, and what seemed to be puppy love, also faded away. They both went to different paths. Little did they know that their lives were destined to cross each other’s path yet again when incidents would be lined in a manner that will invite a drastic change.

Moving Fast

Time went by like anything. And as they grew old they too forgot that they once had a friend named “Amy” and “Justin” in their respective lives. They met quite a lot of faces as they groomed into their professions. The school was left long behind and so was the childhood crush. But, a lot more was yet to happen.

Beauty With Brain

Relationship Games

No, Not That

Well, if you think that her broken heart and betrayed trust was somewhere mend by Justin, then that’s so not the case. Justin’s life was way too different from Amy’s and he was even in a stable relationship. Then what happened?

Commitment Phobic

Amy had many broken relationships. Every time she thought that this one will work out, soon only they again ended up being a failure. She was searching for a dedicated one all her life, but each man she came across turned out to be commitment phobic. She always wondered why things don’t turn good until the day this happened.

Family Man

While Amy was twisted in the strings of broken ties, Justin was a settled one. He was enjoying every bit of his life in Ornaldo with his better-half, the love of his life Adrianne Roberts. The couple was very much in love and their days were incomplete until they saw each other. Soon only their relationship got official.


Justin got engaged to Adrianne in a close-knit affair. They were over the moon and couldn’t wait to start their mornings next to each other. Adrianne decided to move into with Justin, but just before she does so she wanted to celebrate her bachelorette with her friends once. And with this, a piece of news came which shattered Justin’s world.

Proved Wrong

Just a night before, Adrianne was to move in with her beau she partied hard with her friends and shared drinks. Justin was happy with the way things were turning- a good job and a loving partner. It was just perfect for him but soon only this man was proved wrong.


After having a drink with her roommate, on her way back to the home, Adrianne lost her life in an accident. She was lying on the street, motionless. All covered in blood. Justin’s world came to an end and he had no clues about it.


The woman who was just about to move into with him never returned to Justin. He received a call from an anonymous person who told him the tragedy to which Adrianne had fallen prey to. Tears rolled down Justin’s eyes. He couldn’t bear the pain of separation from his beloved. It was as if someone stole the soul from his body. What happened in the days to come was unexpected.

Lost Smile

Adrianne’s departure broke Justin to the extremes. He couldn’t bear this major loss in his life and slipped into depression. For almost two years, he lost the track of life around and would just be sobbing over his girlfriend and the memories attached to her. This wasn’t the time for Amy to cross his path but she came in. Maybe fate still had a card left to be revealed yet.

The Lost Piece

Days, months, years passed. Autumn came in. And after two years of isolation, Justin decided to go back to Florida and spend time with his family and friends and deal with life the way it was.  In all this, he never thought that a piece of his past that he left back long behind would surround him yet again.

Search For Companion

Justin wanted to fill the space that was somewhere empty in his heart since the day Adrianne left him. He was ready to move on in life and was in search of a companion who could strengthen him. He makes a profile on a dating website and the thing almost next to impossible happened.

Her Profile

Within a few days of logging into the website, he surprisingly came across Amy’s profile. Her profile had attracted him in a manner no other did. He recalls, “There was something in her photography that instantly got my attention,” Her smile was something he couldn’t take his eyes off. But will Amy show interest in Justin’s profile?

Developing Interest

He wasn’t sure whether Amy will show interest in him or not. All those crazy thoughts that one has before dating was coming to him again. Luckily, Amy did show some curiosity in Justin’s profile. However, neither of them recognized each other and were still strangers to one another.


The moment Amy and Justin shared their profiles, they instantly connected and decided to talk and chat for sometime before finally planning to meet. It was on 3rd December 2014 that they went on an official date. This was the date when a lot that was hidden came to surface. Does that mean they recognized one another?

Too Soon

Amy told her friends about meeting this new guy and that she was falling for him. And her friends as always warned her that it was “too soon”. But Amy felt so comfortable with Justin that somewhere she felt that it was going to be different. And on one of the dates, Justin told her about his school time crush Amy…

A Scar

Amy never questioned Justin about his crush on the girl named Amy until the day she saw a scar just above Justin’s one of the eye. She questioned him about that scar and the response came as a surprise to both of them. Justin told her that he got that back in Kindergarten when he fell from monkey bars at St Petersburg’s good ol’ Sunshine Preschool. Wait, what?

Same School?

The moment Amy heard the name of her preschool, she was surprised. She just had a thing to say, “What? We were in the same class? There must be a mistake.” This was a coincidence too good to be true. They realized that they had met before as well. But they wanted to be sure about this.

A Confirmation

Amy rushed back to her home and ask her mother to help her find the old kindergarten photographs. And after having a look at the photos it was confirmed that they both were in the same class and rather were the best of friends. The duo was just speechless at this confirmation.

A Blessing

This confirmation came as a blessing to them. While Amy thought that because it was meant to happen, it did not work with any of her exes and Justin thought that Amy is the gift that his late fiancee left for him. The duo had an array of emotions running through their hearts.

An Invite

The duo did not rush things and dated for about a year when their story got famous and was picked up by ABC’s The View. The couple was equally excited to narrate their story to the world. It was really surprising that the kindergarten love bees met almost after 30 years. However, they didn’t know what was coming.


The pair were sharing their story, how they knew each other in preschool and went clueless about one another for years. How they moved on different paths and then suddenly came across one another. The conversation went on to a personal level that suddenly a video messaged popped on the screen and even the hosts went mute.

Will You Marry Me?

The video message was from the staff at their preschool in Florida. It had their teachers and a few of the students. As the video continued, Amy was surprised to see that the kids in the front row had a banner reading, “Amy, will you marry me?” She was totally shocked.

The Ring

The very same moment Justin went on his knees and said, “Amy, I love you very much. Will you marry me?” Amy just broke into tears and couldn’t believe the happening. Justin proposed to her over national television. But there were no scopes of Amy denying this proposal.

 A Yes

Happily Married

What next? Amy and Justin got married in the year 2016 on November 18th. They were crazy for each other and had never thought that a casual pre-school friendship would blossom into a fairytale. They next headed to the Carribean for a two-week vacation. The duo could not have been any happier.

What’s Your Story

Who knew that a casual friendship would eventually end up in a happy marriage. Many of us do not even remember who were we friends in kindergarten with, probably have even lost touch. But maybe someday, one might turn lucky like these two and reunite after 30 years.