Wife Makes A Life-Changing Discovery About Her Soldier Husband

Todd, The Smart Guy

Todd and Emma went to the same high school for their graduation but never really shared a conversation. There is at least one guy like Todd in every school, tall, smart, sportsman, scholar, heart-throb, sincere kind of guy. Todd was a known figure in the college, he was an athlete, the best player in baseball and football. The guy had his dreams and did whatever is to be done to turn them into reality. He was the kind of guy, girls would do anything to date. But he wasn’t looking for the teenage fun part but something serious. 

Emma, The Sweet Girl

Then one day, when Todd asked Emma out she said yes. Unlike Todd, she was just another girl of the college with nothing so extraordinary on her profile. She couldn’t be happier than she was on the day he fixed a date with her. She wore her favorite dress and waited for him at the doorstep. They had a great evening together and she understood that the guy wasn’t only good from the outside but kindhearted on the inside. 

Keeping The Toughness To Himself

He was deployed in April 2009, for Afghanistan. For over a year he was in monthly contact with Emma and his little princess, Kiley. He shared the joyful moments with his families and kept the rough memories with himself. Never let any negative things reach  Emma. That’s what focused and fair-minded people do, right? 

Soldier At The Doorstep

A few days after the award ceremonies when Emma was left at home with her daughter, she realized that nothing will ever be the same for her, from the wife of a military man she was now alone. That’s when the doorbell rang again, it was a soldier who was holding a big box. It was Todd’s belongings inside the box which were in Afghanistan.

An Unforgettable Moment

When Emma opened the box, there were Todd’s documents, clothes, and his laptop. At this time she was missing him more and couldn’t take the immense pain. She still went on checking his stuff as she remembered all of those things being used by him in front of her. At last, she opened his laptop and saw everything that he had done for them.